BT Redcare to withdraw its services by August 2025: What does this mean for you?
4th April 2024

You may have seen recent reports on the decision BT have made to remove their alarm signalling service, Redcare from the market by 1st August 2025. This means that by the cut-off date next year, anyone who currently uses monitored electronic systems, such as automatic fire and security systems using a BT Redcare signalling product will now need to find an alternative solution.

What exactly are these changes?

BT Openreach, which manages the UK landline telephone network, will be replacing their traditional copper wire system and replacing it with digital technology, utilising fibre optic cables.

In most cases, Alarm Transmission Systems (ATS) that connect Intruder and Fire Alarms to Alarm Receiving Centres use a landline as a communication path. This digital switchover means that some signalling systems that rely on the traditional copper wire systems mentioned above may no longer function as reliably, or in many situations, at all.

We recommend you contact your current security systems provider, to see if these changes will impact you and understand their plans to check and upgrade their systems. If it does affect you, now is the time to start looking for any alternative arrangements for your security, ahead of the switch over dates, to ensure adequate security remains in place for your premises.

How can we help?

Intruder alarms are an essential security requirement for an insurance policy, and we want to help make sure you continue to have the correct measures in place. If you are making changes to your security, it is important you let us know so this is reflected in your policy.

At Paterson Insurance Brokers we are here to support you. Speak to us today if you have any questions on what this means for you and your cover. Get in touch on 0113 8314024.

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4th April 2024
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4th April 2024
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