Jordan Davey Cert CII
18th October 2019

Jordan is a Senior Broker with a primary focus on growing and strengthening the relationships between our valued clients and trusted insurance partners. With a deep-rooted passion for insurance, Jordan is on a mission to not only maintain and expand our existing client base but also to warmly welcome new customers into our business.

With over 12 years in the insurance industry, Jordan is passionate about helping clients navigate the complex world of insurance. His mission is to ensure that every client, whether they're a long-standing client or a new addition, receives unmatched care and attention.

Beyond the boardroom, he is a through and through family person. Quality time with his partner and two young children is where he finds the greatest happiness and motivation.

When Jordan isn’t occupied in the world of insurance, you'll find him indulging in his passion for cars. As a massive car enthusiast, he loves to explore the latest automotive innovations and tinkering away on his own vehicle.

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